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Paid Seminar
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Sell seminars and teaching materials

This is a system for corporations that can build a EC sites where paid seminars and teaching materials can be sold. Consulting companies with corporate customers and training companies with individual members will can provided an environment with seminars and educational materials that can be sold and managed for their customers.

Dedicated application available

In addition to the application that can be accessed from a web browser, it can also be used from a dedicated app.
If you use the app, you can download videos and other files in advance by Wi-Fi environment and access them without worrying about data costs while commuting to work or school.

Complete payment feature


You can use the function of paying monthly membership fees and sell seminars and educational materials on your website.

Payment method are:
・ Credit card
・ Bank Transfer
・ Pay at the Convenience Store
・ PayPal

IT implementation subsidy overview

Target audience: SMEs with headquarters and businesses in Japan.          Scope: Certified IT tool software, cloud usage costs, installation costs, etc. Amount of subsidy: Type A Upper limit of less than 1.5 million yen Lower limit of 400,000 yen Subsidy rate of 50% or less (ShareWisU only applies to Type A). Application period: Second public offering July 17, 2019-August 23, 2019.
Scheduled adoption date: September 6, 2019.                                                     Secretariat: Association for Service Design Promotion (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, SME Agency)

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