Everything you need to know about BJT – Business Japanese Proficiency Test!

When it comes to Japanese test, almost everyone might think of JLPT – Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

However, if you are working in service or commercial field, there is another practical test to evaluate your Japanese proficiency. It is BJT – Business Japanese Proficiency Test!


1. What is the difference between JLPT and BJT?

If JLPT helps you assess your Japanese language ability in all aspects, the BJT primarily focuses on Japanese language for business purpose.

BJT is capable of evaluating the communication skill in Japanese as well as the ability to obtain the general manners in professional working environment.

Another feature that distinguishes BJT from JLPT is: there’s no ‘pass or fail’ grading system. Your ability is assessed by your band score instead of the level of the test (as seen in JLPT).

For example, if you take JLPT, you have to choose from N5 to N1 to register for the exam in the equal level. Nevertheless, if you take BJT, you just need to take the test and through your score number, you will know which level you are in.

Here is the benchmarking of BJT.


2. Why should you take BJT?

In fact, many Japanese companies are now requiring foreign applicants to achieve BJT level J2 or higher. In Japanese working environment, internal and external communications do have their own regulars. Understanding the manners of communication in the office is the basement to help you achieve good results and boost up career promotion opportunities.

With BJT, you will get familiar with business greetings, commercial negotiation and transactions, how to write a standard formal email, etc… All of these knowledge is essential for you to ‘survive’ in a Japanese business company. Therefore, BJT result is often highly appreciated in the application form.

3. BJT Structure

BJT is a multiple-choice test with 4 available answers.


4. BJT Format

Since 2017, BJT has been provided as a Computer-based test through Pearson VEU system. That means you can take BJT with a PC! And you can get your result immediately after finishing the test.

Test fee: JPY 6,999 (including tax, only in Japan)

Testing location: both inside and outside Japan.

BJT is held twice a year: June and November.

More detail information, please visit BJT homepage: http://www.kanken.or.jp/
Or Pearson VUE system: https://www.pearsonvue.co.jp/test-taker/Tutorial/WebNG-Schedule.aspx.

If you attend in Vietnam or Myanmar, please visit:
http://www.kanken.or.jp/bjt/vn/ (for Vietnamese)
or http://www.kanken.or.jp/bjt/english/ (for Myanmars)
for specialized information.